How to become a personal trainer

Are you into health and fitness?  Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge about health and fitness with people and advising them how to get the most from their exercise routine? If this sounds like you, a career in personal training may be the ideal career for you.

With millions of people eager to lose weight and get in shape, personal training is one of the fastest growing careers in the health and fitness industry today.

At one time, athletes were the only people using personal trainers to help them excel at their sport.  Today people from all walks of life - from celebrities to senior citizens - are using personal trainers to help them learn how to exercise, lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

A personal trainer's basic job is to teach people how to exercise. A trainer will not only be an educator, but will also become a motivator, a coach and, possibly, a friend to his or her clients.

As a trainer you'll meet with your clients for an hour at each session and take them through workouts (weights, aerobics, and flexibility training) to help them reach their goals. You will monitor your client's progress through methods such as body fat testing and heart rate levels, and give your clients advice about their lifestyle and general information about health and nutrition.

As a personal trainer you'll have a wide range of employment options. Many personal trainers work in health clubs, and there are job opportunities at universities, spas, resorts and cruise ships.

Corporate fitness is also growing and many personal trainers work for companies providing workplace wellness programs.  You can even start your own fitness training business!

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